August 2017 XA Newsletter

It’s the beginning of the school year which means thousands of freshmen storm the campus [see photo 1 in slideshow below] and it’s the busiest time for us at Chi Alpha (XA): we host and participate in almost two dozen events on and around the main and downtown campuses during the first 3 weeks. This three-week period is known as Fall Kick-Off. The semester started with a 4.5-day leadership training where we learned how to be LifeGroup leaders and effective disciplers.

At freshmen move-in day [2], XA was the first to arrive and the last to leave, helping as many freshmen as possible move into their new dorms while getting to know them and telling them about the awesome upcoming events. The next day we went back to the freshmen dorms to pick up 45 freshmen for a Wal-Mart run so they could pick up any last-minute items they needed or forgot.

For Waterpalooza we met the students on campus with 500 water balloons and 3 dozen water guns. After two unsuccessful attempts at capture the flag, it was an all-out free-for-all decimating the stock of water balloons in a matter of minutes. Once they were gone, entire 5-gallon buckets of water started flying. The next night we had a game night [3] at the XA house (this house is a dream that our director has been working on for years). Dozens of new students showed up to play various board, card and action games. This was our first real opportunity to just hang out with the students and start making great connections. Many of the students we met that night came back to most, if not all, of the following events, which is amazing.

Our first three Monday night services, called The Plug [4], have been great! I am serving on the worship team, along with two other staff members, until we have students volunteer to take our place. We started our first sermon series entitled Who Is Mary? After each service we had a party. The first had a watermelon eating contest and ice cream floats, the second was Dive Into XA with a chocolate fountain and tables for the students to learn about the different LifeGroups, and the third was a bonfire at the XA house where students had the opportunity to ask Jordan (the CSU XA director) any question they wanted.

Ashley and I are co-leading the co-ed LifeGroup [5]. Our first two LifeGroup meetings were great! We can already tell that our group is going have great discussions and I believe they will feel the freedom to be intimate with one another so we can get to the good, deep stuff – the stuff we’re all struggling with – and grow closer to Christ together. There is one guy in our group that I am so excited about discipling. He has already shown great potential to be a leader in XA and he’s only a freshman!

Our first Worship Night [6] started off with the worship team (accompanied by Sarah on keys) playing a few songs, after which we spent time at several prayer and reflection stations around the room. To end the night, the worship team played two more songs. We had about 50 students come and participate. It was amazing to see the students be so intentional with their worship.

Before Kick-Off, I was depending on other’s experiences and testimonies as to what XA would be like. But now that I’ve made it through August, I can truly say that this job is amazing! I get to see students come to know Christ, grow deeper in their relationship with Him, and help them successfully navigate college life while living out the Great Commission. I am so excited and thankful that God has brought me on this incredible journey. I have already seen first-hand how God is working in amazing ways at CSU. Some of the student leaders I get to work with have amazing stories of how XA has changed, or saved, their lives. It’s incredible to be a part of a movement that can literally change the world. And don’t forget, you are a part of that as well! Your prayers and financial support make you a part of this team – you are helping make a difference at CSU. Thank you so much for your continued support!

I would also like to thank you for your prayers for my mom over the summer. She is a walking miracle which is no doubt due to the countless people praying for her. She is doing great! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

While mom was in the hospital, I took a break from fundraising to be with family. After mom returned home, I resumed fundraising until Kick-Off began. At the end of July, Sarah and I met with Jordan to discuss the best course of action for us, considering I was not yet fully funded. We decided that the best plan for my family, myself, and the ministry would be to continue fundraising and start the internship next school year. This will allow me to learn more about XA and the culture at CSU while doing the ministry aspect this year. This means I will be on campus part-time serving in XA: co-leading a LifeGroup, meeting students for one-on-ones, having LifeGroup events, and helping the worship team with The Plug. I am currently 45% funded and will continue to fundraise until I am fully funded, at which time I will be on campus full-time.

Thank you again for your continued support. I quite literally could not do this without you. I look forward to all the amazing stories I get to share with you in future newsletters.

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